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1,200cc Mini Sprint Rules Announced for the Tulsa Shootout

TULSA, OK - With the addition of both winged and non-winged divisions to the 31st annual Speedway Motors Tulsa Shootout, the rules package for the 1,200cc Mini Sprints has been confirmed. Rules for the 1,200cc Mini Sprints are as follows: Age: • Drivers must be a minimum of 13 years of age. Roll Cage/Chassis: • Roll Cage minimum size 1 ¼”, .095 4130 Chromoly Tubing. The front section of the cage shall be no further back than the steering wheel. Roll cage shall have sufficient fore and aft bracing, and strength to support the weight of the car and driver in case of an upset. Cage shall have gussets at the intersecting bars to the uprights. Bends must have at least 3 inch radius. No square or pointed corners allowed. Roll cage must be a minimum of 3 in. above the driver’s helmet.

• Wheelbase shall be 64” to 74”.

• Must be Chain Drive. Chain guards mandatory. It must shield Driver from chain.
 • Must have sprint car style hood, tail and have the appearance of an open wheeled dirt sprint car. No modified styles or radical offsets.

• Motor not to be offset more than 6” from chassis centerline. (No sidewinders)

 • All cars to be equipped with either a steering gear or rack and pinion.

• A firewall between engine and driver is required. Tires/Wheels: Tire Rule: • Right rear must be a Hoosier RD15, D15, SP2, SP3 or ECOtec. 13” wheels only. Engine: • Only reciprocating piston engines allowed. No Turbo charging, supercharging or rotary engines allowed. Approved Lighting Sprint car engine is described as a production engine of which at least 100 engines of identical design and assembly have been manufactured and made available for sale. • 1205cc maximum displacement. No downsizing.

• Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) crankshaft only, must be stock stroke.

• No aftermarket cylinders.

• No traction control allowed. If part of factory ECU, it must be disabled.

• Aftermarket use and or modification of ignition, exhaust, carburation, and mechanical or electronic fuel injection allowed.

• Transmission - must be operable in all gears.

• Oil Pan and pickup modifications allowed.

• Dry sump oil system allowed.

• Must have operable on-board battery, starter and clutch.

• Must have stock (working) charging system. No cut out allowed.

• Methanol or Gas. No Nitrated fuels.

• Mufflers mandatory. Tulsa Fairgrounds requires each vehicle’s noise level be below 95DB. Minimum Weight: • (Post race with driver)Stock Bore & Stroke 1000cc or less engines 925 lbs.

• Up to 1205cc engines 1000 lbs. Wings: • Top Wings maximum 16 sq ft. center section with: Right Panel Maximum: 30” Tall, 60” long and must be 1,458 square inches (Example: 54”x30-34”, 54”x26”, 60”x24”)

• Left Panel Maximum: Max 30” tall, 60” long and 1,620 square inches (Example: 54”x30”, 60”x27”). 

• Arm guard flare panel (batwings) maximum 4” To enter online, got to and click on the link on the upper left hand corner of the screen that reads “Click Here To Pre-Enter”. Teams wishing to enter by phone may do so by calling the Tulsa Shootout office at (918) 838-3777. The office is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (CT). Faxes can also be sent to (918) 836-5517. Entry blanks can be downloaded at The 2016 edition of the Tulsa Shootout takes place December 30, 2015 through January 2, 2016. Classes for the 31st annual Speedway Motors Tulsa Shootout will include: • Winged Outlaw

• Non-Winged Outlaw

• “A” Class Winged

• “A” Class Non-Winged

• “A” Class Restricted

• Junior Sprints

 • 1,200cc Non-Winged Mini Sprints

 • 1,200cc Winged Mini Sprints

 • ECOtec/Ford Focus Midgets Micro and Junior Sprint competition will continue to follow the rules package utilized at Port City Raceway in Tulsa, Okla. Rules for the Micro divisions can be found at!downloads/cxvn and If there are any questions about the rules, contact Matt Ward at 918-838-3777. The running order for the Tulsa Shootout is still in the works, and will be announced as the event draws closer. Pre-entry is $103 per class and can be mailed to the Tulsa Shootout office at 1141 S. 83rd East Ave. Tulsa, OK 74112 or faxed to (918) 836-5517 starting September 30, 2015. Teams will also be able to enter online at To enter by phone, contact Ashleigh Ward at 918-838-3777. Entries received on, or after, December 9, 2015 are considered late and will be charged $120 per entry. Please note, any team wanting to pay for Pit Passes with a check must be pre-approved by the Tulsa Shootout office. Call the office at 918-838-3777 for approval. For complete rules and information, log onto

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